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We offer French to English and English to French translation services in a variety of fields.

We rewrite the text in the target language, taking into account the tone, style and terminology ued by the author. The original message is conveyed with clarity and precision, while reading like an original text written by a native speaker.

We perform in-depth terminological research and use state-of-the-art tools (terminology management systems and translation environments) for every project.

Read below for a detailed description of our translation services, including our bilingual revision service, or contact us for an evaluation of your work.


Business translation can be summed up in three words: successful communication strategies. Above and beyond technical knowledge and language mastery, knowing how to decipher and reproduce successful communication strategies in the target language is the key to effective business translation. We understand how important it is for corporate image to remain intact while retaining all of its communicational power. We understand that, whether you are addressing clients, prospective clients, shareholders or employees, your message needs to be coherent with that image, to the point, and expressive in a way that will speak directly to your target audience.

Scientific and Technical

Scientific translation calls for a very specific set of skills: first-hand knowledge of scientific process, an advanced capacity for abstraction and high-level concept manipulation, and, last but not least, concision and precision of language.

Technical products such as ISO documents, instruction manuals, data sheets and product brochures are particularly dense; as such, they are rendered with an emphasis on clarity and coherence.

Arts and Humanities

Our training in Arts and Humanities research can be a great asset to your project. Indeed, understanding that both individual thinkers and schools of thought consistently appropriate sets of concepts in order to weave theoretical approaches, and being sensitive to the ontological and epistemological variations at play in these approaches, is necessary to achieving a quality translation that works from the “inside”. Moreover, sharp intuition and a keen language sense are key for recapturing the author’s unique style and voice in the translation.


We understand how costly – in time, money and legal repercussions – the slightest mistake in wording can be. In other areas of translation, the translator may be called upon to exploit the flexibility of a language in order to convince, emphasize, describe or simply achieve a desired tone or style; in legal translation the language must be absolutely restrained to the legal formats, phrasing and terminology specific to the field of law to which the text belongs.

Bilingual Revision

We also provide a bilingual revision service, which consists in correcting and editing translations performed by a third party. The correction is performed by comparing the translated and original documents to ensure that the translation meets professional standards. This service is a quality assurance solution for overworked translators, outsourcing translation firms and clients who are unsatisfied with a product delivered by another translator.

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